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Heroes and Villains 67: Jesse Custer/ Preacher with Dan Ritchie

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This week Dan joins me once again to discuss the most irreverant character ever, Garth Ennis' Jesse Custer. As the central (and titular) character in Preacher, he is on a quest to confront God and hold him accountable for abandoning the people who depend on him. WARNING: this episode is not for everyone...

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  • Hi Bruce, Im a friend of Dan's and I love The Preacher. Really enjoyed your show on it, makes me want to read it a forth time. The only thing that I belive yall got wrong was that Jody and TC where family of Jesse. They were actually just hired men of the family. The reason why Jesse's grandmother tried to control Jesse's destiny is because he was the only male left in the

    posted by: John on 2014-04-30 15:16:52

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