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Heroes and Villains 23: The Spirit

"The only real middle class Crimefighter" Denny Colt died, only to return from what was really a case of suspended animation three days later. From that point on he was known as the Spirit, the fedora and mask wearing crimefighter who lives in a cemetery. One of Will Eisner's creations that has been with us since 1940, listen and learn all about the Spirit!

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  • Check out the link below for The Spirit 1987 TV movie. If there is a problem, please contact me.

    posted by: Juan Sanmiguel on 2013-06-27 01:07:11

  • For the 1987 The Spirit film check out the link below. Tell me if there is any problem

    posted by: Juan Sanmiguel on 2013-06-27 01:05:21

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