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Heroes and Villains 28: Wally West (Kid Flash/ 3rd Flash) with Dan and Tom from When Nerds Collide

You never know what to expect when these two guys are on the show! I am joined by Dan Ritchie and Tom Norris from the When Nerds Collide podcast to discuss the life and times of the world's fastest side kick, Wally West. Was it a coincidence that Wally experienced the exact same "accident" as Barry Allen, or were greater forces a factor? Listen to hear what the three of us have to say about it.

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Heroes and Villains 27: X-O Manowar with Josh the Beer Snob

What happens when a 5th century Visigoth Warrior is kidnapped by aliens, taken to space, given high tech, mystical battle armor and returned to 21st century Earth? X-O Manowar happens, that's what. Josh from the Charlotte Beercast joins me to talk about this well equipped time travelling warrior.

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Heroes and Villains 26: Mimic with Matt Quiett

He can copy the powers and knowledge of anyone in his proximity. This makes him well matched with any foe. The problem is he swings from hero to villain and back like a pendulum. He is Mimic, and Matt Quiett from the Nerds Domain joins me this week to discuss him in detail.

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Heroes and Villains 25: Hal Jordan, the 2nd Green Lantern with Charlie West

This is an epic episode nearly 2 hours in length discussingeverything you would ever want to know (and more) about Hal Jordan. I am joined by Charlie West from the Comics Conspiracy and Infinite Longbox podcasts. If you know anything about Charlie, then you know he knows everything about Hal Jordan - so sit back, grab a snack, listen and enjoy!

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Heroes and Villains 24: Man-Thing with Rachel Pandich

In this episode Rachel and I discuss the terrifying muck monster known as Man-Thing. Those who know fear are burned by his touch. He is the swamp's avenging angel and often appears as the beastly embodiment of karma. One of the all time great characters from the rich tradition of horror comics, listn to learn all about Man-Thing.

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