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Heroes and Villains 10: The Anti-Monitor with @Tinzien

When Krona and Pariah took turns opening Pandora's box, He's the Anti-Monitor. From an isolated moon in the anti-matter universe he has come to our own and is bent on destroying. This week I am Joined by @Tinzien, and his comments make this episode twice as much fun as the others. 

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Heroes and Villains 9: Green Arrow

A billionaire playboy who fights crime with his young sidekick. Does this sound familiar? No, it's not Batman, it's Green Arrow. He's made appearances in comic books since the golden age, had a lone appearance on Superfriends, was a regular on Smallvile and now has his own show, Arrow. Frequently serving as the moral compass and voice of the left for the DCU Green Arrow has a long and interesting story.

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Heroes and Villains 8: Valkyrie

My first ever episode done by request! Also my first female superhero. Based on the epic opera by Wagner, Brunnehilde the Valkyrie is the mightiest of all Asgardian godesses. Her origin is largely unknown, but her power is unquestioned. Hand picked by Odine to lead the Valkyrior, the choosers of the slain, she was tricked by the Enchantress into being a pawn. Thankfully due to key events she was given an opportunity to be one of the greatest and most impactful heroes of the Marvel Universe. Listen now to learn of the epic that is Valkyrie.

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Heroes and Villains 7: Namor the Sub-Mariner, Marvel's first mutant

Debuting in Marvel Comics #1, he is one of Marvel's first superheroes. Also widely considered to be Marvel's first mutant, and the very first comic book anti-hero. Making his splash (pun intended) about 2 years before Aquaman, he is Namor one of the most influential golden age characters.

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