all about those characters behind the masks! Everything and more that you need to know about super heroes and those villains that keep them on their toes!
Heroes and Villains 50: The Larfleeze Christmas Special with guests galore!

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Come join the Holiday Party! A bevy of guests join me for this event. The theme of the party is Larfleeze, but we also discuss a wide range of superhero related holiday topics. We make great gift recommendations as well as sharing our own wish lists. We have a quite entertaining gift exchange, and even spend a little time discussing the Star Wars Holiday special. Pour yourself a glass of eggnog and listen to the festivities.

Guest List: Matt Quiett, Eric Isaacson, Joe from Geeky Faucet, Tinzien, Rachel and Tom Pandich, Dan and Tom from When Nerds Collide, Ryan Allgood, Jess Hall, Jordan Phegley, Charlie West and Steven Radocchia

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