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Heroes and Villains 64: Loki

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This week I am wiped out by the time I spent at Emerald City Comic Con, but I still deliver an awesome show. By request from Medieval historian (and all around comic fangirl) Sian I give you Loki. The adopted half brother of Thor and sole reason for the existance of the Avengers. Listen, learn, enjoy and share.

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  • Love the show. On the topic of solo episodes I am fine with them if it means we get a show when otherwise it might mean you would take the week off. But I love the guest episodes so that you have someone to work off of when commenting about or describing stuff about a character. With the Loki episode I would mention one media source that was not touched upon and that is the Kevin Sorbo TV show Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. There was a two episode arc where Hercules went north and interacting with the Norse pantheon and stopped ragnarok.

    posted by: karubah on 2014-04-02 19:03:28

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